Corperate Profile

   Information  and  communication  technologies  can  be  powerful  tools  to  maintaining  customer  and supplier  relationships,  exploring  new  markets,  and  creating  systematic  records  of  management  and financial  information  that  can  be  effectively  utilized  for  internal  learning  as  well  as  reporting  to external stakeholders. In the fast-moving and demanding world in which we live and work, there is the need for a company  that  can actually  deliver  more  than  it  promises – a  company  that  is  dynamic, innovative  and  yet  completely  dependable. That  company  is NEXGENE Media and Info-Tech.

We provide web 2.0 compliant, highly interactive, multimedia-rich Websites, Applications, and Information Management Systems. The company is founded with zeal and determination to re-define the landscape and implementation of Web Applications, Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERPs), Software as a Service (SaaS) and IT Training, in Africa. We depend on our next generation infrastructure to deliver best in class services that anticipate customers’ needs. We understand  that  customers  are  on-the-go,  and  expect  friction-less  and  seamless services. By  deeply  understanding  the  needs  of  our target audience, NEXGENE MIT delivers  the  right  products and services at the right time, helping customers simplify their lives.

We are the Frontiers of ICT of the 21st Century

Our Vision

“To be the preferred company in training, consulting, designing and implementation of Web Technologies, in Africa”

Core Values

Our Mission

“To Accelerate Business/Organizational growth and efficiency through research, design, training and implementation of web technologies, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and Software as a Service (SaaS).”


“We do what we say we will, and are always striving for excellence and quality in everything we do.”

Customer Service

“We do not only meet our clients’ needs, we also aim at giving them delight.”


“At all times we act with integrity, providing quality services, being reliable and responsible.”


“We work with urgency and commitment, focusing on the success, both from individual and corporate perspectives.”


“Providing support to one another, working co-operatively, respecting one another’s views, and making our work environment fun and enjoyable.”

Personal development

“We value learning, feedback, coaching and mentoring.”


Next Generation World Class Infrastructure

-We use the best of innovative technologies that guarantee customers  access  to  premium  products  and  services  which  are  highly  scalable, efficient, and at an optimal cost.

World Class Team

-Highly experienced and motivated professionals with depth in business and technical knowledge across various industry verticals.

Efficient Processes

-We  developed  our  products  and  services  by  adopting  internationally  proven systems and processes and aligning them with industry standards and best practices. This provides our customers with the optimum mix of high productivity and cost effectiveness combined with the freedom to focus on their core business.

Customer Centric Services

-Every  organization  has  unique  requirements  based  on  their  particular operational and business needs. NEXGENE MIT value-added services are modular and scalable to suit the clients’  particular  requirements  which  change  dynamically  over  the  lifecycle  of  their  business, enabling them to meet present and future business challenges.